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About Us


Mo:Mo: are delicious, but fiddly to make so sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts. Renowned for its rich Nepalese flavour with distinct character; Everest Mo:Mo: is the best Mo:Mo in town.
Our foremost priority is to provide excellent Nepalese food to food lovers and the surrounding community by establishing a successful, dynamic social enterprise. We have no doubt that we are blessed to be where we are today – surrounded by family, friends, culture, yummy food and our valued customer. Our clients range from popular retail stores, foodservice outlets, restaurants, hotels and events organiser. We want to be the favorite food company of retailers, consumers, shoppers and clients.

We manufacture and supply mo:mo: and only Mo:Mo: and its accessories. We supply huge varieties of Mo:Mo both ranging from vegeterian Mo:Mo: to wide range on non-vegeterian Mo:Mo:

We don’t compromise on quality and service. Your taste are our obligation.




To lead the industry locally and abroad, at the forefront of product development, creating the healthiest yet tastiest Nepalese Mo:Mo:, using quality Australia ingredients, crafted by passionate Mo:Mo: lovers.

Everest Mo:Mo: will specialise in various meat/vegetable Mo:Mo:s made using old-country traditional family recipes from Nepal’s Himalayan Region. Our Mo:Mo: will be prepared from fresh Australian ingredients and Nepalese Herbs and Spices. Ready to eat Mo:Mo:s are sold hot  directly to customers through our retail and online stores. We will also sell frozen Mo:Mo:s through retail partners and our online portal. Our products are healthy and free of genetically modified ingredients and will be complemented by an assortment of fresh premium sauce. Non of our products will use artificial color; the prominent distinct color on our various range Mo:Mo:s are the abstract of real herbs, vegetables and fruits with unlimited health benefits.

We have plans to expand the company through further retail outlets and are focused on developing a business model that is favourable to franchise possibilities. With an exclusive quality food license that could be used to sell frozen product through supermarkets and bulk wholesale food chains, Everest Mo:Mo: could quickly and clearly establish itself as the market leader.

We have identified four main keys to our success. The first is to secure stores in highly visible locations. The second will be our unique value-for-money product line. The third will be a focus on superior customer service , and the fourth key will be developing new products with more healthier range and distinct taste.
Our marketing strategy will be to attract new customers, educate those customers about Nepalese Mo:Mo: and then create a loyal customer base. Everest Mo:Mo: will attract consumers through highly visible signage, print media advertising, social media campaign, flyers, coupons, word-of-mouth advertising and strategic alliances.

Meet our Directors who are behind the Everest Mo:Mo:

Director of Strategic Business Development

Santosh Adhikari

Santosh Adhikari, the director of the company has 2 decades of experiences in marketing, sales and research in overseas and Australia. He has worked for some multinational companies, INGO’s and educational institutions such as AC Nielsen, Colgate- Palmolive, Yamaha Motors, Vodafone, UNICEF, UNDP, Himalayan White House International College etc.

He has been managing successfully a renowned florist FLOWERCITY which supplies fresh flowers to around 50 stores including IGA, CALTAX, 7/11 , BP around sydney.

He post graduated with Masters of Business Administration MBA specialized with International marketing. He also holds a Masters Degree in sociology(MA) from Tribhuvan University.


Since childhood having seen many successful small retail business around the local street, Santosh always had a desire to become an entrepreneur. Although his education lead him to become Marketing Professional, he always had a desire to start his own business. He successfully lead many of the organisation to grand success with his business strategy and marketing skills. Back home he started his own advertising agency with colleagues which helped many companies to achieve their goals. Soon after arriving to Australia he continued his marketing journey working as account executive for various companies including Credit Card and Mobile industry. Later he manage to make his dream come true by starting his own Flower Shop (Flower City) which does retails and wholesale flower supply to many retail outlets. With grand success of his Flower Shop he has now decided to extend his business into new venture of food industry. He decided to bring and expand the local food of Nepal to to broader global World. With continuous support from his wife Nitu Neupane; Flower City has grown to new high, and he has the same expectation from his wife for his New Mo:Mo: industry.

He is currently holding the position of Executive Director at MARS( Marketing, Advertising and Research Solution Pvt.Ltd Kathmandu Nepal)  Managing Director of FlowerCity, Australia and  Director of Strategic Business Development of Everest Mo:Mo: Australia ( Everest International Pty Ltd)

Pramod Rimal - Product Develpment and Research Director of Everest Mo:Mo:

Director of Product Research and Development

Pramod Rimal

Having two Masters Degree (Masters of Economics & Masters of Commerce Professional Accounting), his hunger to learn never ended. With added education  in different fields with degrees like Bachelor of Science, Advance Diploma in Information Technology Project Management, and vast work experience in different industrial world; Pramod decided to turn his hobbies in to passion and into to a Industry. Without the added expertise from his business partner Santosh Adhikari (Director of Strategic Business Development), today Everest Mo:Mo:  would not have existed says Product Research and Development Director Pramod Rimal.
Pramod loves cooking and experimenting new dishes. Naturally, Pramod’s earliest fans could be found around the family and friends but word of his traditional Nepalese Mo:Mo: soon spread through the community. Demand grew quickly, along with his reputation.

Pramod followed his passion for his interest in cooking to the source back from his country Nepal.  we have heard several occasion that practice makes man perfect and same is the case with Pramod. From the elemental plain flour to the final product Mo:Mo:,seasoning pinch of spices, carving the shape, every step in his process of making Mo:Mo: had been honoured by every Mo:Mo: lovers. During the research and development and trying new flavour, there he learned the importance of the secret ingredients, the essential additions and, of course, the perfect technique. His secrets for taste remains secret but his Mo:Mo: is no more a secret and is no more within the friends and family, it has become on the most delicious Nepalese Mo:Mo: in Sydney which is available to all the Mo:Mo: Lovers.

With generous support and encouragement from his wife Pragya Shree Rimal, his passion for cooking has now turned into well established business.


Finance Planning and Advisory

Nitu Neupane

Quality Control and Assurance

Pragya Shree Rimal