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Everest Mo:Mo: The First Authentic Nepalese Restaurant in the Heart of Parramatta and now second store at Westmead serving more than 59 varieties of Mo:Mo: in different categories found nowhere else in Australia. If you are looking for most delicious Nepalese MoMo (Nepalese Dumpling) in or around the surrounding suburb of Parramatta, Westmead, HarrisPark, Granville, Northmead, Rosehill, North Parramatta, Greystanes, Pendle Hill and Wentworthville, Everest Mo:Mo: is the ultimate place. Minutes away from HarrisPark, Granville, Northmead, Rosehill, North Parramatta, Greystanes, Pendle Hill and Wentworthville, Everest Mo:Mo: located in Parramatta CBD  and Westmead has one of the most tastiest Mo:Mo: to serve. Mo:Mo:s at this place are made from Fresh Dough and served with Home Style Hand Made Chutney made from Fresh Tomatoes, and therefore Mo:Mo:s at this place are much richer in flavour and Taste. This ultimate Authentic Nepalese Restaurant at Parramatta and Westmead specializes in Mo:Mo: only and therefore the quality, taste, and flavour are unbeatable and consistent throughout from Day 1.

Everest Mo:Mo: Menu

Steam Mo:Mo:

Jhol Mo:Mo: - Best Nepalese Mo;Mo:

Fried Mo:Mo: - Best Nepalese Mo:Mo:

Kothey Mo:Mo: - Best Nepalese Mo:Mo:


Jhaneko Mo:Mo: - Best Nepalese Mo:Mo:

Chat Pat Mo:Mo: - Best Nepalese Mo:Mo:

Chaat Mo:Mo: - Best Nepalese Mo:Mo:

Spicy C Mo:Mo: - Best Nepalese Mo:Mo:

More Varieties Coming Soon…. Stay Tuned…

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Real taste of the Himalayas

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Our Ready to EAT Mo:Mo: are freshly cooked and delivered in Alumunium take-away container to keep it warm and Fresh. We accept online orders via UBEReats Monday to Saturday and are Closed on Sunday. For Parties, Functions and Bulk Ordering we can make special arrangements for time specific deliveries 7 days a week. Please contact us for flexible options.

Not just another Mo:Mo:

Real Taste From The Lap of Himalayas

From the Top of the World to the Rest of the World

Everest Mo:Mo: is not just another Mo:Mo:, and is neither just another most popular dish of Nepal; It is a creative cultural art. It has the blending of cultural value, local spices and skilled hand in the making of mouth-watering food. In addition to other traditional foods from Nepal, travelers favor Everest Mo:Mo: which has a distinct taste with blend of Nepalese Culture. If you’re looking for a real taste of authentic Nepalese Mo:Mo:, Everest Mo:Mo: is the ultimate choice.

Each Everest Mo:Mo: is hand-crafted with the utmost care by the dedicated team. Mo:Mo: is made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, chopped onion, garlic, sesame, green chilies, tomatoes, meat/vegetable, mustard powder, ginger juice and a blend of Nepalese herbal spices. Our range of more than dozen varieties of Mo:Mo: contains the finest australian local ingredients, Nepalese herbal spices, a lifetime of expertise and generations of experience.

Everest Mo:Mo:

Why are we different?

Why are we different?

Increasing Popularity of Nepalese Mo:Mo: in Australia

There are  reasons for Nepalese Mo:Mo:’s increasing popularity in Australia and other parts of the world.

  • It is cheap.
  • It is healthier as they are cooked steaming only.
  • Mo:Mo:  is one of Nepal’s most popular dishes which can be eaten as an entree or as mains.
  • A plate of Mo:Mo: is enough for a lunch or dinner.
  • Mo:Mo: is prepared with special spices and receipe, which adds unique and original taste of Himalayas and are loved by millions.
  • Mo:Mo: is the best friend when you are hungry. It is easy to cook and gets ready by just 10 minutes of steaming.
  • Mo:Mo: has long history and has figured on Nepalese menus for centuries. It has become part of the national culture in the himalayan kingdom and now adds cultural value to Australia.
Everest Mo:Mo:

History of Mo:Mo:

Real taste of the Himalayas

Mo:Mo (म:म:) – also known as momo-cha ममचा: Familiar to lovers of Japanese gyozas and Chinese dumplings, Mo:Mo:s have unique flavors coming from the types of meat fillings and spices that are ubiquitous to Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayan region. ‘Mo:Mo:’ is to Nepal what pizza is to Italy. In Nepal, the traditional Mo:Mo: is prepared with ground meat filling, but over the past several years, this has changed and become more elaborate. These days, Mo:Mo:s are prepared with virtually any combination of ground meat, vegetables, tofu, paneer cheese, vegetable & meat combination.


The origin and etymology of Mo:Mo: in Nepal is uncertain. Although it resembles Chinese dumpling in appearance from outside it’s hard to find sources that confirm whether Mo:Mo: are derived from Chinese dumplings or not. No one knows precisely how and when the Mo:Mo: traveled or originated in Nepal and why it was named Mo:Mo:. But the dish is thought to be rustic in origin. Since this dish was initially popular among the Newar community of Kathmandu valley, one prevalent belief is that Newari traders brought Mo:Mo: techniques from Lhasa, Tibet. They modified the seasonings of the dish with available ingredients and created mouth watering food, and gave the dish a Nepali name “Mo:Mo:” which are unique in taste. Whatever be the story behind the origin of Mo:Mo: it has certainly evolved to resemble the Nepali taste and culture.


Mo:Mo:s are bite-size dumplings with a meat or vegetable filling, wrapped and sealed in a dough accompanied by spicy dipping sauce. When it comes to simple, delicious, one-meal dishes of Nepal, you can’t beat the famous Mo:Mo: म:म:. Mo:Mo: is believed to be originated in Tibet but have a strong presence in the fast food menus of Nepal. Mo:Mo:s are usually steamed, though they are sometimes fried or steam-fried and served with a variety of dipping sauces. Freshly steamed Mo:Mo: taste best served piping hot straight from the steamers arranged on a warmed plate. The creativity, taste and flavour are unlimited.

Our Healthier Range Mo:Mo:

All our colour range Mo:Mo: are the result of  abstract of Natural Fruits and Vegetable that not only gives catchy appearance but also  has unlimited health benefits.

No Artificial colour is used.

Coming Soon..

Green Mo:Mo:

Green Mo:Mo:

Real abstract of Spinach blended in delicious Mo:Mo:. Rich in Minerals, Fibre and Iron.

Coming Soon..

Red Mo:Mo:

Red Mo:Mo:

Real abstract of Beetroot blended in delicious Mo:Mo:. Rich in Minerals, Fibre and Iron.
Unlimited health benefits

Coming Soon..

Yello Mo:Mo:

Yellow Mo:Mo:

Real abstract of Turmeric blended in delicious Mo:Mo:. Turmeric is scientifically approved as one of the best herbal medicine with unlimited health benefits.

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Open Invitation for Franchise Opportunity

Australia’s First Nepalese Street Food Franchise Opportunity

For the First Time in Australia, with more than 44 Varieties of Mo:Mo: in different categories, we have opened one time opportunity for the interested candidate to become a part of Fastest Growing Food Industry in Sydney, Australia. Starting with Sydney, we have a plan to expand the Franchise Store throughout Australia and soon make it available world Wide. Make an enquiry now at or call now at: 0430031826


Mo:Mo: are delicious, but fiddly to make so sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts. Renowned for its rich Nepalese flavour with distinct character; Everest Mo:Mo: is the best Mo:Mo in town. Our foremost priority is to provide excellent Nepalese food to food lovers and the surrounding community by establishing a successful, dynamic social enterprise. We have no doubt that we are blessed to be where we are today – surrounded by family, friends, culture, yummy food and our valued customer. Our clients range from popular retail stores, foodservice outlets, restaurants, hotels and events organiser. We want to be the favorite food company of retailers, consumers, shoppers and clients.

We make and supply mo:mo: and only Mo:Mo: and its accessories. We supply huge varieties of Mo:Mo: both ranging from vegetarian to wide range on non-vegetarian Mo:Mo:

We don’t compromise on quality and service. Your taste is our obligation.


To lead the industry locally and abroad, at the forefront of product development, creating the healthiest yet tastiest Nepalese Mo:Mo:, using quality Australia local ingredients, crafted by passionate Mo:Mo: lovers.

Everest Mo:Mo: will specialize in various meat/vegetable Mo:Mo: made using old-country traditional family recipes from Nepal’s Himalayan Region. Our Mo:Mo: will be prepared from fresh Australian local ingredients and Nepalese Herbs and Spices. Ready to eat Mo:Mo: are sold hot directly to customers through our retail and online stores. We also sell frozen Mo:Mo: through retail partners and our online portal. Our products are healthy and free of genetically modified ingredients and will be complemented by an assortment of fresh premium sauce. Non of our products will use artificial color and flavour; the prominent distinct color on our various range Mo:Mo: are the abstract of real herbs, vegetables and fruits with unlimited health benefits.


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